The Global Linkages project focuses on transferring promising RMNCH+A and Health System Strengthening (HSS) solutions from India to other Asian and African countries (partner countries), to further accelerate improvement in coverage, reach, quality, and overall efficiency of health Programmes.

Key Project Components


Identification of proven and promising scalable solutions that have successfully improved RMNCH+A indicators in India and are easily replicable in partner countries.


Assessments of partner country’s needs and conducting an initial matchmaking of solutions to the country’s needs.


Creation of demand for Indian innovations/best practices in partner countries through investment shows and summits.


Facilitation of partnerships between the innovators in India and the stakeholders in the partner countries for transfer the process.


Provision of​ technical assistance to organizations for transfer and adoption of promising solutions.


Demonstration of​ clinical effectiveness of the solutions in the partner country environment and Documentation of​ the experiences of the stakeholders.


Technical assistance for Scaling up the promising solutions.

  • Minimum 6 solutions

  • Minimum 2 countries
    partnership forged

  • Robust systems for experience
    sharing developed

  • Provided a platform for innovators
    to scale their product/service